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215KN Electric Aircraft Pushback& Towing Tractor

The tractor is purpose design for maneuvering to meet latest requirements of the
Aviation Ground Operations Industry.
The tractor is fully Electric, capable of pushing and towing aircraft up to 295 Tons, this means all the
B787, A330, A350 family


model: F1-340E Aircraft Tow/Pushback Tractor
Tractor aircraft capability up to & including fully loaded A340 family, B777 family (380 Tonnes)
General Features:
- 4-wheel drive & 4-wheel steering with left-hand drivers steering position
- Elevating front full width cabin
- 40 Tonnes vehicle mass as standard.
- Pushback Speed 7km/h
- Towing Speed 25 km/h
- No-Load Driving Speed (Max) 30 km/h
- Draw bar pull (DBP) on dry level concrete of 40T tractor is:
313.81kN (32.00T)@ μ = 0.8
298.12kN (30.40T)@ μ = 0.76
-Tractor Dimensions: 9780mmx3100mmx1990mm
- Aircraft Range: 380 Tons
- Battery Type: LifePo4 Lithium ION technology
- Charging Time: Normal Charging 90min / Quick charging 40min
Motor Specification:
Motor manufacture: Panus Assembly
Motor Output power: 300 kW / peak 396 kW
Motor torque: 900 Nm / Peak 2500 Nm
Motor RPM: 1600 to 3000
Total Weight:
40 Tonnes with no additional ballast.
- Kessler LT91 Drive Steer Axles, approved & rated for 35 Tonnes (70 T tractor).
Tire and Rim:
Same Rims and Tyre for front and rear axle. Rim 11.25/25/2.05 pcs Tire 16.00x25 28-32 ply
-Auto correcting four-wheel steering
-Three distinct steering modes
-Four-wheel coordinated steering (4WS)
-Crab Steer (4WS)
-Front wheel steer (2WS)
-Electric emergency steering system with back-up hand-pump and DC pump.
Turning Radius: approx. 14 mt in 4WS.
Braking System:
-Fully hydraulic dual circuit braking system
-Dual Caliper disc brakes
- Parking brake, spring loaded failsafe
Tow Hitch:
Visible from the operator's seat.
Operator's Cabin:
The cabin is ventilated and equipped with air condition and fan. the operator's seat is adjustable and air suspended
2.1m cabin height when raised.
Service Access:
-Easily accessed via large fully opening top covers and side grilles
-Service technicians (2-3) can stand up in the center of the engine bay, enabling more comfortable and efficient servicing of
the hydraulics and power train
-Pumps, filters, tanks, valves, are all accessible from the spacious motors bay
Electrical system
- 24V Electrical system in the cabin and lights.
- Master switch installed
- all the components and wiring have numbers, named and labeled accordingly with the electrical drawings.
Hydraulic System:
System type power on demand. Mainly components from EATON.
Hydraulic Tank have drain plug and level glass and indicator.
One spot light in the front and rear.
Beacon flashing light or fixed light according customer request will be installed on the top of the cabin.
Hazard lights installed at the front and rear.
The components are protected by a warning system for high motors temperature, high battery temperature, high temperature
of the cooling liquid, low hyd pressure, low hyd oil quantity.
Safe Item:
Emergency shut-down buttons in the cabin and in the rear and fire extinguisher system for the battery bay.
Including the following standard equipment:
-Head & Tail lamps, c/w reverse &turn indicators
-Reversing alarm
-Front & rear tow-hitches c/w lamps & vision mirror to front
-Windscreen washer & wiper system to front screen
-Rear vision mirrors (1 x internal, 2 x external)
-Auxiliary DC pump with back-up hand pump 

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