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50000L Aircraft Refueling Trucks

Airplanes take you from one corner of the world to another. Long haul flights are easily over 15 hours in which the airplanes carry hundreds of tonnes of payload in the air. To achieve this feat, airports have a fleet of refueling equipment and robust operating procedures in place for timely refueling hundreds of aircraft a day on busy airports.

Main specification and working functions Main specification

  1. 7)        Overwing refueling reel

  2. 8)        Refueling flow(Single and Double hose)

  3. 9)        Iteration test

  4. 10)    Defueling flow(Single hose)

  5. 11)    Defueling flow(Single and Double hose)

  6. 12)    Loading flow Main specification


Chassis Model

HOWO 4×2

Dimension L*w*h(mm)


Curb weight(Kg)











06D17-GAR9 O’Clock

Filtering Accuracy



Main working functions

  1. 2)            Max. Refueling flow

  2. l   Max. Flow Rate(Single hose: L/min): 1200

  3. l   Max. Flow Rate(Double hose: L/min): 2000

  4. 3)            Max. Defueling Flow:

  5. l   De-fueling Flow Rate,(Single hose: L/min): 300

  6. l   De-fueling Flow Rate(Double hose: L/min): 800

  7. 4)            Max. Loading Flow (L/min):1500(Single)/2500(Double)

  8. 5)            Accuracy of Flow meter: ±0.2%

  9. 6)            Filtering Accuracy: Comply with API1581 Class II Grade C。 Tank:

Aluminum Alloy with Excellent Quality。

Elevator platform

The elevator to the personnel rose to the right height for gas and oil operations。 Pipe system and its process

Pipe system of the refueller is consisted of ball valves, filter separator, flow meter, reel, connecting pipe and pressure gauge.


Our products are carefully engineered in the China and manufactured by accredited factories in China, India, Thailand and Europe; our products are distributed and used widely in domestic aviation. We also export our products to 
international customers in Middle East, Africa and North America.

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