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7T Electrically powered Cargo loader

The especially high availability and safety results from the perfect combination of the mechanical and hydraulic components and the control system. The premium workmanship and reliable service match our time-proven slogan „In good hands“ and complete our strengths.

CAN technology

The CANopen control system concept, which was

specifically developed for automotive engineering,

is an integral part of the CARGO MASTER LOADER.

This makes susceptible relays and approximately

90 % of electrical connections unnecessary.

Reliability and availability are significantly increased

while at the same time exhaust fumes and noise

emissions are reduced through the use of intelligent

environmentally friendly technologies.

Load-sensing hydraulic system

The load-dependent control system reduces fuel consumption

and increases availability at the operating

site. Soft and smooth movements in all sequences

increase the service life of the assembly components

and conserve pallets and containers. The freight

handling systems consist of wide and intentionally

over-dimensioned conveying rollers. This permits safe

and problem-free freight transport across the entire

roller bed.


motor management

The CARGO MASTER LOADER fleet contributes to

an improved energy and environmental balance.

State-of-the-art Deutz motors with Electronic Motor

Regulation (EMR) reduce fuel consumption and costs.

The performance-linked rotational speed regulation

saves fuel, increases operating intervals and ensures

a longer motor running time.

Our products are carefully engineered in the China and manufactured by accredited factories in China, India, Thailand and Europe; our products are distributed and used widely in domestic aviation. We also export our products to 
international customers in Middle East, Africa and North America.

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