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Aircraft Deicer

Aircraft deicers remove ice from aircraft. Planes cannot legally fly with ice, and deicers remove the ice to clear takeoff. Deicers also remove ice from planes once they have landed. "Aircraft deicer" can refer to the technical position or the chemicals used to remove ice from the plane. The position requires a driver's license and training in aircraft inspection, deicer equipment operation and maintenance.



fluid tank



Professional   deicing /anti-icing fluid tank, total volume:8300L

²    304 stainless   steel fluid tank

²    Deicing fluid   system:7200L; pressure:1.38Mpa, flow: 2270/min

²    Anti-icing   fluid system: 1100L, pressure: 0.35~0.5Mpa (50psi), flow: 76~160L/min

²    Visual fluid   level meters:( mounted on the driver’s side, each one for deicing/anti-icing)  

²    Handheld spray   gun and connected 15m hose reel, electrically controlled winding, mounted the   right back of the truck.

²    Deicing/anti-icing   fluid tank are all equipped with inspection manhole whose diameter is 450mm.


International well-known mature   chassis: China heavy truck HOWO heavy-duty chassis. Driving mode: 4 x 2;   wheelbase: 4200mm.

²    China heavy   duty engine,model: D7.28-50, power: 206kw (280HP), exhaust   emission meets the China /Europe V emission standard.

²    Equipped with   US “Allison” automatic gear.

²    Driver’s cab   is equipped with large skylight and rain wiper which can be double-gear   automatically self-reset.

²    Traction hook   (2 hook is front, 2 is rear)

²    The cab is   equipped with large rearview mirror, full-width safety laminated windshield,   automatically adjusted driver seat, three-speed wiper, reversing voice alarm,   mist eliminator, sunshade, seat belt and other accessories and ancillary   equipment.

Our products are carefully engineered in the China and manufactured by accredited factories in China, India, Thailand and Europe; our products are distributed and used widely in domestic aviation. We also export our products to 
international customers in Middle East, Africa and North America.

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