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Aircraft refueling truck 20000L

GJ5180GJY aircraft refueling truck (hereinafter referred to as "refueling truck") is modified on the special chassis of type II hazardous chemical transport vehicle ZZ1187K501GE1 of sino-truck group. It is mainly composed of chassis, oil tank, front tank, pipeline system, pneumatic control system, electrical system, etc. Refueling truck is suitable for transportation, tourism, forest fire prevention and other industries for small aircraft and helicopters quantitative refueling aviation kerosene and aviation gasoline and other light fuel.


gravity refueling -- the fuel in the oil tank of the vehicle is filtered and measured, and then injected into the aircraft fuel tank or other oil-receiving equipment through the gravity refueling reel hose;

A)      Pumping -- pumping the fuel from the aircraft oil tank or other equipment back to the vehicle oil tank through the refueling reel hose;

B)      Circulating or stirring the oil in the oil tank of the vehicle;

C)      Oil loading (with high level control function)

D)      Self-loading oil -- filter and measure the external oil into the oil tank with the oil pump of the truck;

Tank loading - the oil pumps and equipment in the oil tank are used for bottom loading of the vehicle oil tank;

2.3.  main structure

1)   chassis

Tanker truck type choosing sino-truck group ZZ1187K501GE1 category for transportation vehicles special chassis, the Ⅴ gas emission standards. The chassis is equipped with front and rear hub braking device, front exhaust system, ABS anti-lock lock device, speed limiting device, air conditioning, steel wire radial tire, GPS and beidou dual mode data recorder. The speed limit of 80 km/h.

2)   tank

The tank and pipeline are made of rustproof al-mg alloy material, and the thickness of the tank barrel and head is 6mm.

The tank body is installed with oil and gas recovery device, high level control device (anti-overflow and leakage system, with alarm function), the level meter shows the tank level volume, and the oil circuit cut-off switch is installed at the tail of the tank (the gas source cut-off switch is parallel to the switch of the control cabinet at the bottom of the tank body).

The top of the tank is equipped with European-style spring-type manhole cover with emergency discharge function, which can be opened with the key and has the functions of breathable valve, emergency explosion-proof, fire resistance, tipping and overflow prevention and so on

Conduct nondestructive inspection of tank welds to ensure welding quality.

The rear part of the tank body is provided with an escalator for convenient loading and unloading of the tank body; The bottom of the tank is provided with a sewage outlet, and the bottom of the tank and the slag outlet of the filter separator are collected in one place to facilitate the discharge of sediment.

3)   filter separator

Equipped with a filter separator with secondary filtration function (with oil-water separation and coalescing filter core), the performance index of filtered fuel meets the requirements of GB/T21358 standard.

4)   Oil spring coil

Hose length is 15 meters, automatic winding spring, with fast connection, can connect Φ 38 gravity oil gun, and pick up a set of gravity pressure transition joints and refueling joint, small water flow pressure.

5)   Control cabinet

The front tank is located between the cab and the oil tank. The front cabinet is rectangular steel tube welded skeleton structure, aluminum alloy rolling curtain sliding door is installed on both sides, and the pipe system can be protected after locking, so as not to affect the safety of helicopter rotor.

6)   bottom valve

Adopt pneumatic control bottom valve with emergency cut-off function, with emergency opening and closing function, when its failure, the bottom valve can be manually operated, in line with QC/T 932 standard.

7)   Conducting electrostatic ground coil

The total length of the two steel wires is 30 meters, and the springs are automatically rewound. The electrostatic grounding reels are installed outside the control room to ensure that other components will not be damaged due to too fast rewinding. The springs are automatically recycled.

8)   Equipped with flameproof engine emergency flameout button. In case of emergency, you can press this button to turn off the engine.

9)   The driver's cab is equipped with a power extractor switch for easy operation and indicator light.

10) the refueling truck is easy to operate, safe and reliable. All inlet and outlet pipe interfaces are protected in the operation cabinet.

11) 8kg fire extinguisher bracket and fire extinguisher shall be installed on both sides of the rear part of the vehicle, and the tank body shall be equipped with relevant labels of dangerous goods

12) pipeline flanges shall be connected with jumper cables to prevent electrostatic accumulation.

13) the upper equipment has good anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion measures to facilitate the necessary inspection of chassis oil, water and air.

2.   other requirement

the selection of spare parts, equipment and spare parts materials shall meet the requirements of performance, reliability and environmental conditions, and meet the provisions of national and industrial standards.

Add 1.5 inches, left turn, 15 meters, including DN63 pressure refueling joint (CRJ40 male end), one piece of spring coil; DN50 square ball valve 2 pieces;

DN50 aluminum alloy pipeline 2 m;

50*50*4 channel steel, 3m;

Our products are carefully engineered in the China and manufactured by accredited factories in China, India, Thailand and Europe; our products are distributed and used widely in domestic aviation. We also export our products to 
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