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Baggage tractors come in a wide variety of sizes and models, typically ranging from 3,000 to 8,000 LBS drawbar pull (DBP). They are used to move bag carts, ground power units, lav, and water servicing carts. The larger capacity baggage tugs are also used as pushback tractors for commuter aircraft up to 90,000Lb in weight.


2.1 IATA AHM 905               

2.2 IATA AHM 910                basic requirement of GSE

2.3 IATA AHM 913                basic requirement of GSE

2.4 IATA AHM-963                Technical spec of baggage tractor

2.5 MH/T 6048-2008            baggage tractor

2.6 JB/T 10750-2007             Internal combustion tractor

2.7 GB/T 18849-2011            and component strength

2.8 GB7258-2012                  Safety technical condition

3 working conditions

3.1 altitude:≤3000 m

3.2 environment temperature:-40℃ ~+65℃

mode: QSF2.8t4T65H

Type: In-line, top camshaft, four-stroke, water-cooled, turbocharged, EGR+DOC exhaust treatment displacement: 2.8l

Maximum output: 48kw / 2500 rpm

Maximum output torque:230Nm / 1600rpm

Emissions: China iv, Europe iv, EPA Tier 4F

The engine is equipped with original imported horton fan from the United States, special large-capacity aluminum plate-fin radiator of famous brand, large-capacity water tank and large-capacity air filter。

5.1.2 Automatic transmission

type: GRAZIANO PST2,italy,Maximum input power 74KW,Maximum input torque: 720Nm。

type: hydraulic transmission automatic transmission, torque converter for a single stage, 2 phase, 3 components integrated, characterized by simple structure, reliable work, stable performance, the highest efficiency of 92%

5.1.3 axle

Front axle type: independent suspension steering axle with hydraulic disc brakes, rated load capacity 2 tons 5.2 front axle

Rear axle type: drive rear axle with hydraulic disc brakes and parking brakes, rated load capacity 6.5 tons

 5.3 rear axle


5.1.4 tire:

front tire:175R14,rated load of single tyre

775kg rear tire:28X9-15NHS rated load of single tyre  3050kg

 5.1.5 braking system: 8+9 inch vacuum booster system provides good braking performance for the whole vehicle

5.2 Electrical system

12V Electrical system

80ah -Maintenance-free battery, vehicle LED light source, including headlamp, CAN bus instrument, high-grade electric vehicle gear changer.


Our products are carefully engineered in the China and manufactured by accredited factories in China, India, Thailand and Europe; our products are distributed and used widely in domestic aviation. We also export our products to 
international customers in Middle East, Africa and North America.

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