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Cold Dolly for Airside Pharma(vaccine) and Perishable Food Transport

It is equipped with 7T(10ft ) container dolly(4.5m*3.5m*1.5m), one cabin with thermal insulation, one left-side moving door, one Thermoking, Carrier or Supersnow freestanding refrigerating unit, one diesel tank and one generator and control panel with temperature contol, electric light..

1        Technical Specifications/index

platform ground clearance:                        508mm

platform dimension(L×W):         3250×2500mm

overall dimension(L×W×H):         6080mm×3130mm×2910mm

Curb weight                    2500kg,2800 kg(with battery pack)

Rated capacity                 3500kg

Max. speed                      10km/h

front and rear tire             320-8 Solid core wheel

Optional battery power                  30 kwh

2        Main structure and configuration

3.1  frame Adopt 16#, 10# channel steel, the four corners are wrapped with steel plate into the garden Angle, the roller beam is made of 63#x8mm thick Angle iron, the middle has a walkway, sealed with 3mm pattern steel plate, easy to operate.

3.2  Roller rod: the working face adopts a total of 28 double-row rolling rod, the rolling rod is 76mmx4mm high-quality seamless steel pipe, the surface is galvanized. The rolling rod is designed with built-in bearings and ends are closed. The rolling rod is fixed by M20 self-locking nut. The biggest advantages of the rolling rod are no falling off, impact resistance, dustproof and not easy to damage.

3.3  Drag rod: the whole 8# channel steel welding, the drag rod has the brake function, in the operation of decoupling, the drag rod depends on the weight down the brake rod to brake the rear wheel. The drag rod design has the adjustment function, generally adjust the mop head to the ground height of 150-200 mm to brake the rear wheel.

3.4  Brake: designed into a double brake, mainly to solve the two groups of rear wheel wear conditions (including a new wheel for a single group) can be adjusted respectively for each group, so that the tire and brake plate more consistent, avoid the danger of vehicle rotation from the brake, so that the brake more safe and effective

3.5  Front wheel assembly: universal front wheel is a total of 2 sets of two wheels, designed for 360 degree steering function, steering flexibility, wheel size 320-8 solid wheel。

3.6  Rear wheel assembly: 2 sets of fixed wheels (double wheels) for rear wheel. All use solid rubber core wheel, specification is 350×100.

3.7  Rear hook: spring safety hook device is installed at the rear, so that the train can be connected safely and not easy to decouple。

3.8  Van plate with left/right doors: 10cm thickness food grade polyurethane foam glass plat with rolling and hinged doors

3.9  Refrigeration unit: Thermoking T680 with strong refrigeration can be operated at an ambient temperature of up to 50℃ with a cooling capacity of 7000W (ATP international standard, ambient temperature is 30℃). Standby electric drive refrigeration power 3700W; The van body can be reduced from 25℃ to 0℃ in 5 minutes.

3.10  Optional lithium battery pack: battery power 30KWH, can continue to refrigerate for 8 hours;

3.11   Lighting system: 2 Nos Internal & 4 Nos external lights

3.12  Dashcam: can continuously record the temperature of the box for 30 days; Real-time upload recording data, battery power

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