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Global Commercial Airport Ground Lighting (AGL) Growth Opportunities

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Global Commercial Airport Ground Lighting (AGL) Growth Opportunities announces the release of the report “Global Commercial Airport Ground Lighting (AGL) Growth Opportunities” –
The commercial AGL market is a crucial aviation industry component, delivering essential illumination for safe and efficient operations.

These systems are critical for providing pilots and ground vehicles with visual cues to navigate the airport.

Increasing demand for air travel, which has led to a surge in airport construction and expansion projects worldwide, drives the market.

As a result, the need for reliable and durable ground lighting systems has also grown.

Lighting systems differ not only for runways and taxiways but also for airports.

Hence, Frost & Sullivan categorized airports by tiers based on annual passenger traffic.

Thus, airport development is another primary market driver.

Airports with higher passenger capacities tend to invest heavily in lighting systems upgrades and possess a high potential for expansion, leading to a high potential for business opportunities for ground lighting market stakeholders.

In addition, technological advances have led to the development of more energy-efficient and cost-effective lighting solutions, further driving the market growth.

While AGL operations have implemented LED lighting since the 2000s, the analyst expects full-scale adoption to occur later in the review period due to expensive installation costs.

New technology development also involves using solar energy for permanent ground lighting.

Solar energy lighting is an effort to ensure a carbon-free ground lighting operation.

Our analysis indicates that the market is highly competitive, with a few dominant players.

These participants develop innovative lighting solutions that meet the evolving needs of airports.

Furthermore, the market is heavily regulated, with stringent safety standards and certification processes that lighting manufacturers must meet.

The commercial AGL market consists of aspects related to lighting found in the airside area of an airport.

This area usually includes runways, taxiways, aprons (parking areas), and navigational installations.

While ground lighting is present in all these areas, the study scope is limited to ground lighting in runways and taxiways.

For the forecast analysis, Frost & Sullivan considered 2,191 commercial airports from 198 countries.

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