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Iberia Airport Services receives €14.2m to renew its handling equipment

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Iberia Airport Services receives €14.2m to renew its handling equipment

Iberia Airport Services (IBAS) has received €14.2m from the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE) for the renewal of its ground equipment with which it provides aircraft assistance services at 29 Spanish airports.

This grant forms part of the programme supporting efficient and sustainable mobility and guarantees the solvency of Iberia Airport Services’ project to advance in the decarbonisation of airport services through the electrification of ground equipment.

More than €100m to Achieve Net Zero Emissions by 2025

Specifically, in the offer submitted to obtain handling licenses for third parties at 41 Spanish airports, Iberia Airport Services has committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2025 and, to this end, plans to invest more than €100m to renew 7,000 pieces of equipment and electrify 80% of its mobile fleet in the coming years.

Over the last year, and to meet the requirements of the new handling licences, IBAS strengthened its collaboration with the main ground equipment manufacturers in the sector to lead tests using electrical equipment at airports such as Mallorca, Malaga, Barcelona, and Madrid.

The addition of this equipment offers qualitative and quantitative improvements, due to its lower impact on the environment, since emissions, noise and vibrations are reduced; as well as for the workers of Iberia Airport Services, since it is easier to handle, and its technology makes it safer to use.

IBAS was the first handling operator in the world to use remote-controlled pushback tugs -known as Mototok pushbacks- on regional aircraft with up to 100 seats.

All in for the Upcoming Handling Tenders

Iberia Airport Services presented its best offers to Aena to obtain the new handling licenses in 41 Spanish airports.

To do this, it submitted a personalised proposal for each of the airports, bringing together the best possible technical and economic proposals, focusing, above all, on sustainability, innovation, people, and costs.

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