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Shanghai Pudong International Airport enhances digital cooperation with ADB SAFEGATE

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Shanghai Pudong International Airport enhances digital cooperation with ADB SAFEGATE

Upgrading the Airport Operational Database/Resource Management System (AODB/RMS),
ADB SAFEGATE works closely with Shanghai Pudong International Airport to optimize resource allocation and improve operation efficiency.

Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG), ranking first among mainland China airports in cargo and second in passenger throughput, has chosen ADB SAFEGATE to enhance its installed ADOB/RMS. Leveraging ADB SAFEGATE’s advanced solutions, PVG will improve apron efficiency, stand usage, and passenger experience at reduced operational costs.

While upgrading the AODB/RMS, a key task is to enhance the rule base for operation resource allocation. More than 17,000 stand rules along with operational data in the original system have been comprehensively and systematically sorted and updated with clear logic architecture. In addition, the data fields related to flight operation in AODB are fully opened for the flexible rules setup to meet the complex and dynamic operation requirements.

PVG was facing multiple operational challenges prior to the COVID pandemic – from increased flight traffic and crowded aprons to providing improved services to passengers while maintaining safety.

“With the help from ADB SAFEGATE, a large number of rules and operational data has been sorted and updated, which directly improves the efficiency and optimizes the effect of the operation resource allocation. After the upgrade, more than 80% of stand allocation operations can be completed automatically by the RMS (previously around 20%). Streamlining stand operations has reduced the time devoted by staff – from three hours to only 1 hour. We look forward to deeper digital cooperation with ADB SAFEGATE going forward to maximize the use of resources and further improve apron operations.” said Mr. Leng Yikai, Project Manager of PVG ITC.

“As an in-house vendor serving PVG for more than 20 years, we will continue to deepen our strategic partnership with PVG on the digital transformation journey. This AODB/RMS upgrade project will lay a solid foundation for building an intelligent digital apron platform in the next step, helping PVG consolidate its leading position and set a digital transformation benchmark in the industry.” said Peng Guan, Vice President, China at ADB SAFEGATE

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