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self-propelled belt loader

self-propelled convener-belt loader is a new luggage transporter designed and manufactured by Jiangsu Airport Special Equipment Co., Ltd chassis is self-made. The product is advanced and concise in product design, safe, reliable, reasonable in structural design, safe and convenient in operation, advanced in process, beautiful in appearance, highly reliable and easy to maintain. It can provide safe and efficient luggage conveying operation for all aircraft types

IATA AHM 925 Functional Description of Power-Driven Convener Belt Loader IATA AHM 913 Basic Safety Requirements for Airport Ground Support Equipment IATA AHM 910 Basic Safety Requirements for Airport Ground Support Equipment

1        Major Performance and Technical Parameters

Height Range of Convener Belt s Front End (mm):             1200   4200

Height Range of Convener Belt s Rear End (mm):               540     1300

Width of Convener Belt (mm):                                               700

Maximum Uniform Load of Convener Belt (kg/m):                135

Maximum Mass of Single Cargo (kg):                                      400

Maximum Inclination of Convener Belt:                                 28

Conveying Speed of Convener Belt (m/s):                               0.16        0.5m/s

Maximum Travel Speed (km/h):                                                25

Minimum Steady Travel Speed (km/h):                                        3

Wheelbase (mm):                                                                       3000

Minimum Turning Radius (mm):                                                6600

Ground Clearance (mm):                                                           170

Approach Angle:                                                                      10

Departure Angle:                                                                      15

L    W    H (mm):                                                                      8000  2100  2080

Vehicle Curb Weight (kg):                                                        3700




2        Major Structure and Configuration

self-propelled convener-belt loader primarily consists of body, conveying rack, chassis power drive system, front and rear lifting mechanisms, hydraulic operating system, electrical system and other components.

3.  Driving system:


Perkins Engine

Mode: 404D-22

Type: Four stroke, direct injection, water cooled diesel engine

Cylinder diameter*stroke(mm )        84*100

Displacement L:                     2216

Compression ratio:                    23.3

Max. power: kw/r/min:             56.7+5%/2600

Min. rotative speed:                   850+_25

Max. torque:                         143/1800


4. Transmission: Japan Okamura Y43280E, auto hydraulic transmission

Steering System:     Hydraulic steering gear

Brake System:     Front-disc, rear-drum dual-line brake system, hand brakes Front Axle: A steering axle with disc service brake, its wheelbase is 1720mm

Our products are carefully engineered in the China and manufactured by accredited factories in China, India, Thailand and Europe; our products are distributed and used widely in domestic aviation. We also export our products to 
international customers in Middle East, Africa and North America.

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